• *plant or plastic?

The choice is yours!

The bioPoncho is made of non-GMO, renewable, plant-based resources and can be composted after usage. Stock items without branding are available within one week, Custom printed ponchos can be delivered within four weeks by express freight. Please inquire directly for pricing.

All models within our recyclable plastic poncho line are made from conventional oil-based plastics, making them affordable for budgets that cannot accomodate The bioPoncho, but are 100% recyclable which still lends an eco-friendly aspect. Printing on the ponchos and the packaging is fully customizable, and we are happy to help you develop the perfect design to fit your needs.

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  • 100% compostable

    Made from compostable bioplastic

  • Best protection

    Our *plant ponchos protect from rain and are eco-friendly

  • Color

    *plant ponchos are milky white accentuating their ecological character, custom colors available from 5,000+

  • Top quality material

    Reinforces a premium feel and a sustainable image

  • Good value

    Outstanding price/performance ratio

  • Perfect design

    Based on years of expertise in the field, we have refined the design of our products to perfectly suit our customers’ needs

  • Colors

    Plastic ponchos are available in all colors

  • 100% recyclable

    All models are recyclable