Terms & Conditions

Order Terms:

Orders placed to JOSANTO LLC are made under the following conditions. Special agreements beyond that require written form. An order is considered as accepted only if it has been confirmed in writing by JOSANTO LLC.

Product Safety:

The products supplied by JOSANTO LLC fall outside of the purview of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). While our products are safe to be used within their intended purpose, JOSANTO LLC bears no responsibility and will be held harmless for any injury resulting from their use.


JOSANTO LLC supplies exclusively to commercial customers and resellers. With your order, you confirm that you are a commercial user. The prices of the written offer or the order confirmation apply. Design and special services are charged at cost.

Delivery Time:

All items will be delivered as soon as possible. Specified delivery dates (including fixed dates) are estimated shipping dates. JOSANTO LLC is not liable in delays due to production difficulties, delivery delays, acts of God, etc.


EXW USA. Express shipping is possible and will be discussed and documented in the offer.


While not common, for printed promotional items excess or short deliveries of 10%, or defects of 5%, are to be tolerated and do not justify complaints against the entire order.

Payment Terms:

Orders are prepared for production upon signature of the Order Confirmation form. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, product will be released upon payment in full. In addition, JOSANTO LLC reserves the right to demand a down payment in advance before commencing production or commissioning of the goods. Balances not paid by the specified due date will accrue a 5% monthly finance fee. Unpaid balances exceeding 6 months will, at the sole discretion of JOSANTO LLC, be claimed in a court of law with any resulting lawyers fees paid by the defendant. Checks are only valid after successful transmission of funds.

Retention of Ownership:

The delivered goods remain the property of JOSANTO LLC until receipt of full payment of the stated invoice amount. If the goods are resold before full payment of the invoice, the resulting revenue shall be deemed assigned to JOSANTO LLC, and are to be transferred immediately.


Complaints about obvious defects must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt of the goods.


Returns for credit are to be approved on a case by case basis for non-printed items only. Returns for printed items will be considered only in the case of severe defects.


Court of jurisdiction is Lincoln, Nebraska