„If humans are truly going to prosper,

we will have to learn to imitate nature’s highly effective cradle to cradle system

of nutrient flow and metabolism in which the very concept of waste does not exist.“

Michael Braungart



Do Good!

All *plant ponchos degrade within a compost, eventually becoming topsoil.


Good For You!

*plant plastic is made from non-GMO renewable resources like corn starch.

JOSANTO  developed *plant ponchos to be a winning solution not only in functionality but also when ecological impact matters.

The user is perfectly protected against rain, and the design makes it super comfy. All *plant products are produced of 100% natural resources from non-GMO plant products and can be composted.

This is our vision of a sustainable product.

  1. Contaminant free production
  2. Perfect fit and assured rain protection
  3. Eco-friendly disposal

After consumers finish using the *plant poncho, they can re-use it or simply have a better conscience when disposing of it.


All models

Standard *plant
Basic *plant
Comfort *plant